Hotspot Shield VPN 4.02 Elite Edition

Hotspot Shield VPN
Hotspot Shield VPN 4.02 Elite Edition

Name: Hotspot Shield VPN
Developer: Hotspot Shield
Platform: Windows
Version: v4.02
License: Full Version/Crack/Keygen/Serial Key
File Size: 10.2 MB
Language: English
VPN technology has been commonly used by businesses to allow their employees to connect to their work networks from home or from the road using the Internet. The key benefit of using a VPN software is its ability to secure the network traffic by encrypting the data and by using tunneling protocols.
If you are a “Windows” person, there are many consumer VPN solutions available to you. These consumer VPN solutions offer you the same security and privacy benefits that a corporate VPN solution provides.
Why Use Hotspot Shield VPN for your Windows Device
  • Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most trusted VPN for Windows providers. Our Free VPN software is among the top 10 most downloaded software on Cnet.com and has over 200 million downloads to date.
For Windows users, Hotspot Shield VPN offers the following benefits:
  • It hides your IP and enables you to surf anonymously - An IP address is the digital fingerprint that you leave behind on every website you visit. Hackers use your IP address to trace you back to your PC, and ultimately, your identity. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows shields your IP address by replacing it with one of our randomly selected US IP addresses.
  • You can unblock any website from anywhere - You may have often come across the message "website blocked" when you went online at school or work. This happened mostly when you tried to access Facebook or some other popular social networking or dating websites. Our VPN service lets you bypass internet filters and access any website you want as an anonymous user.
  • It provides you WiFi Security at public hotspots - Accessing the Internet using a WiFi connection at public places or hotspots (such as airports, hotels, coffee shops) exposes your emails, passwords and other personal data (for example, your bank information) to all of the users on the same WiFi connection. Recent studies have also shown that nearly half of all home WiFi networks, even those protected by passwords, are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Unprotected hotspots are a serious threat to your privacy and security. Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows encrypts all the data you exchange on the Internet, thus ensuring the security of your personal data at all times.

    • Fixed minor bugs.
    • ==> Download Software.
    • ==> Extract/Unzip or Unrar it. If you don't have extractor Download WinRAR from Here.
    • ==> Install it.
    • ==> Use given Crack to active product.
    • ==> More Information included to Active Program is in Download Folder (Readme.txt)
    • ==> Enjoy This Release!!
    • Operating Software: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
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